£320 – £400 per day


Clearance – DS



The project needs to develop the processes and procedures to enable a comprehensive change process to be undertaken to improve business delivery and help HMCTS meet its financial deficiency in 2015-16 and onwards.

The project directly supports MOJ business priorities and specific objectives within the HMCTS Business Plan increasing the value for money of the criminal justice system and the courts.

The Project Manager will be expected to engage with the business and other teams within the Directorate to ensure that the business solution that is ultimately developed and implemented is fit for purpose.

This includes the re-structure of Legal Management grades, the defining of legal management roles including that of the ‘Justices’ Clerk’, De-regulation of secondary legislation governing the arrangements for supporting benches, changes to the legal/administrative support for Advisory Committees, Centralising the training administration for lawyers & magistrates, seeking an increase in Justices’ Clerk’s single justice powers, improved alignment of Court Associates to District Judges, determine a future legal governance structure considering the future requirements for a Head of Profession having regard to the role of the Justices’ Clerks Society (JCS).

The Project Manager will also be expected to work in partnership with HMCTS Strategy and Change to ensure that all project governance requirements are met.

The Project Manager will need to have a thorough understanding of the specialist nature of the roles affected and will be required to effect significant and sensitive dialogue and handling with members of the judiciary and other key internal and external stakeholders.