Procure to Pay Support Officer


Purpose of the role :

To support the overall Procure to Pay Process across the Council providing professional and administrate support to a range of activities which fall within the Procure to Pay Life Cycle.
Work within a team to develop and improve the approach taken by the Council and its services to the Procure to Pay Process.
Ensure a professional approach is taken to all Procure to Pay issues (in compliance with best value, corporate standards and the EU, UK legislation and Contract Procedure Rules.
Provide support to customers of the Procure to Pay Team ensuring a high quality customer service relationship at all times.
To ensure root cause analysis is used to uncover issues/faults within the Procure to Pay process used throughout the Council, eliminating them through continuous process improvement.

Key accountabilities :

-To work with the Procure to Pay Team Leader, other team members and the Invoice Processing team to deliver best practice across a range of procurement and payment activities.
-Contribute to, establish and/or lead where necessary stakeholder groups, networks and stakeholder consultation processes, in order to establish requirements and develop improved ways of working.
-To ensure the Council complies with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regulations and schemes e.g. Construction Industry Scheme.
-Ensure all enquiries are logged and responded to professionally and promptly with the focus being on customer satisfaction.
-Identify common patterns and trends within reported issues and queries and service area’s compliance to the Procure to Pay process linking to poor performance against KPI’s, working closely with the relevant client to ensure root cause analysis is used to uncover issues/faults and improve both compliance and performance to and above required indicators.
-Ensure the Council’s financial system maintains accurate information in relation to payments, products and supplier and creditor information.
-Ensure all information received is actioned accordingly with local and corporate standards as well as EU and UK legislation.
-Assist in the training of new and temporary staff to help promote self-service of users of the Procure to Pay Life Cycle.
-To manage own workload in accordance with agreed objectives, processes, rotas, KPI’s and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) so that high levels of customer service are consistently achieved and performance targets are met.
-Be aware of, promote and contribute to continuous improvement in service delivery.
-To be aware of and comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act, particularly in respect of the confidentiality and privacy of the information handled by the post holder whilst carrying out their duties.
-Follow and adhere to the council’s equalities standards to ensure that work undertaken is bias-free, legally complaint and reflects best practice

Essential knowledge, skills and abilities :

-Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the Procure to Pay process in public, private or voluntary arenas.  This should include the ability to share this knowledge and deliver support to non-specialist customers.
-An awareness and good knowledge of the appropriate statutory, legal and EU, UK and local government regulatory framework for payments.
-Demonstrable ability through past experiences to provide sustainable solutions within the Procure to Pay process by using root cause analysis to identify and resolve any issues/faults found and make recommendations for future best practices.
-Demonstrable data analysis skills in terms of interrogating financial systems and supplier data to identify common trends and patterns.
-Demonstrable experience providing training on processes and best practices within the Procure to Pay process (including recommendations on how local processes can be aligned with the corporate and organisational policies/goal)
-Demonstrable management skills in terms of work planning and target achievement, including the ability to operate effectively and deliver results in a demanding and pressurised environment.
-Good verbal and numerical reasoning skills, able to demonstrate the ability to understand and interpret data to support organisational and project goals
-Ability to adopt suitable communication and interpersonal styles that develop and sustain relationships with key (internal and external) stakeholders.
-Proven commitment to providing a high quality service to all customers, including an articulated understanding of what customer service means for the Procure to Pay Support team.
-Commitment to team working with demonstrable experience of working in multi-functional teams to produce a positive outcome.
-Demonstrable experience using the Microsoft Office suite to a competent level (including data manipulation as well as correspondence, presentation and reports creation).

Essential Qualifications :

-Demonstrable relevant experience in a local authority or a large public, private or voluntary sector organisation.
-Equivalent public sector experience within a Procure to Pay role.