What is the Brampton Umbrella Payroll Company Ltd?

The Brampton Umbrella Payroll Company (BUPC) has been set up specifically for the Brampton Group
employees and contractors to ensure tax efficient employment and eliminating the risk of engaging third party
umbrella companies.

The BUPC acts as an employer for people who usually work under temporary contracts and enables them to
have the freedom of contracting and be paid without having to incur the cost and responsibility of setting up
and running your own limited company. The BUPC is a safe and fully HMRC-compliant employment and deals
with all income tax, National Insurance calculations, invoicing, credit control, expenses etc.

How is this done?

Working through the BUPC means that you receive an overarching contract of employment with the Brampton
Umbrella Payroll Company Ltd (the BUPC). The overarching contract of employment has been written with the
expectation that you will be working on various contracts whilst employed by the BUPC and allows your home
to be your permanent workplace from where you can seek out and sign up for new contracts. It allows you to
claim legitimate business travel expenses from your home to your temporary work place.

The BUPC looks after accounting administration, including invoicing, debt collection, tax, VAT and NIC, for a
fixed fee.

By working through the BUPC also means that any IR35 problems are avoided because using a PAYE umbrella
system means that your income is treated as though you are an employee.

What are the benefits of working through the BUPC?

Tax Efficient

The umbrella system allows your monthly business expenses to be deducted from your salary before any tax is applied, Therefore, you only pay tax on the net amount earned. This means you take home more of your hard earned money. Some umbrella companies also have tie-in clauses and can charge a leaving fee if you decide to discontinue your relationship with them. The BUPC does not.

Less paperwork and commitment

Using an umbrella system means that you are not a director of a company, nor do you carry the responsibilities associated with running a limited company or being self-employed. You are just an employee and BUPC takes care of your income tax and National Insurance calculations, invoicing, credit control, expenses etc. You can always consider a more permanent option, such as forming a Limited Company, further down the line.

Guaranteed payment

Most umbrella companies are third party service providers and although they are required to have insurance cover there is always a risk of mismanagement and payment delays. The BUPC has been set up specifically for the Brampton Group employees and contractors giving you peace of mind as well as money in the bank.

Complete solution

Umbrella company BUPC deals with all accountancy and some taxation matters. BUPC can also deal with all administration as well, hence the term ‘umbrella’. Everything is covered by one operation, taking the time consuming business of bookkeeping and monitoring payments out of your hands and into the hands of our team.

Using the BUPC umbrella company is easy and the signing up process is as follows:

  1. You become a BUPC employee by filling up an application form, submitting P45/P46 and signing and
    overarching employment contract.
  2. You complete timesheets and business expenses. We automatically download timesheets. The business
    expenses must be legitimate business expenses incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the
    performance of the duties of your employment. You must keep receipts for all expenses incurred, because
    the taxman has the legal right to audit your receipts at any time!
  3. We will use with the Brampton Group invoicing system to make sure all invoicing and timesheets match
  4. You will receive your 4 weekly email payslip money and into your bank account knowing that it is in line
    with your working hours and PAYE regulations.

The BUPC has very high Customer Service guidelines to ensure all clients receive the same high levels of
service and get paid on time every time.

  • All phone enquiries are answered by a real live person. All emails sent during office hours will be answered
    within 5 hours.
  • Your personal Account Manager will work with you to ensure that your employment with the BUPC is
    hassle free.
  • For the duration of the contract you will be guaranteed a monthly payment from us regardless of whether
    we have received funds for your assignment.
  • We offer a contributory pension scheme as well as life assurance, income protection and mortgages all
    specially tailored to your needs. For more details please ask your Account Manager.
  • If you wish to convert to a Limited Company at any time we can even arrange this for you quickly and

Frequently asked questions.

Do you charge for set-up?

No, there is no set-up fee with the BUPC. You only get charged when you are working.

Do I receive tax relief on your fees?

Yes, you automatically receive tax relief on the BUPC fees and you do not have to claim for them on your
expense form.

Can I claim expenses to reduce my tax liability?

Yes, you can, but only if you have genuinely incurred them in the first place. Legitimate business expenses
have to be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties of your employment.
You must keep receipts for all expenses incurred because the taxman has the legal right to audit your receipts
at any time!

How will I pay my Tax and NI?

The BUPC will calculate your tax and employer’s and employee’s NICs. We will then deduct these amounts
from your gross taxable pay and forward them to HMRC on your behalf.

How often will I be paid?

Every 4 weeks.

Am I tied to the BUPC?

No, you can leave us at any time and you will not be charged a leaving fee.

Will I be covered by insurance?

Yes, under your contract of employment with us, you will automatically receive both employer’s and public
liability insurance, together with professional indemnity insurance.

Do I still get charged if I don’t work?

No, you only pay the BUPC fee when you work. Some umbrella companies will charge a percentage of what
you earn. However, the BUPC charges a low set fee depending on whether you choose to be paid weekly or

Am I entitled to statutory payments?

Yes, under your contract of employment you will receive the usual UK employee’s rights to Statutory
Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay and Statutory Sick Pay, provided you meet the
qualifying criteria. Please contact your account manager to give you further details.

To Find out More

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