Nursery Manager

Main Responsibilities:

  • The Nursery Manager is responsible for effective daily management of the nursery, adhering to all company policies, legislation, local authority and Ofsted requirements
  • Provide a safe and stimulating child-centred environment that meets the children’s educational and development needs
  • Recruitment and management of staff
  • Customer satisfaction

Main Duties:

  • Lead and manage the team with a shared sense of direction
  • Carry out checks on new staff, hold staff meetings, devise staff rotas and ensure cover is supplied where needed
  • Monitor nursery staff and students to ensure policies and procedures are abided by
  • Identify staff training needs and arranging with proprietor courses for the staff to attend
  • Manages annual appraisals and regular progress meetings
  • Ensures the required standards, ratios and conditions of registration are maintained at all times
  • Monitor occupancy levels and market the nursery to ensure full capacity
  • Ensure Child Protection is adhered to
  • Maintain high standards of safety and security including ensuring appropriate emergency procedures are in place
  • Responsible for health and safety issues and ensuring health and safety policy is enforced at all times
  • Works with the chef to ensure meals are healthy and nutritious and cater for individual dietary needs
  • Liaise with the proprietor regarding repairs and maintenance
  • Ensures planning of a quality education is carried out to meet the Foundation Stage requirements
  • Monitor and evaluate the curriculum for effectiveness and makes any necessary changes
  • Ensures individual records are kept for each child
  • Ensures implementation of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
  • Collect and Maintain accurate records relating to staff, children and families
  • Build strong relationships with parents, resolving issues or complaints as they arise
  • Encourage involvement of parents in nursery activities
  • Ensuring customer care at all times and delivering childcare that meets the parents’ needs
  • Develop strong working relationship with Bexley council’s Early Years Team
  • Maintain a strong working relationship with Ofsted

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