Asda to create ‘up to 12,000 jobs’ over five years

Asda Wal-Mart store
Prime Minister David Cameron said that Asda’s job creation would “give people financial security”

Supermarket giant Asda will create up to 12,000 UK shop posts over the next five years, its US owner Wal-Mart has said.

The strategy of the UK supermarket chain has the potential to create the posts, Wal-Mart said.

The announcement came after Wal-Mart chief executive Doug McMillon met Prime Minister David Cameron in an Asda at Clapham Junction in London on Monday.

Mr Cameron said that the new jobs would “give people financial security”.

“I am delighted that Asda is continuing to invest heavily in the UK, creating another 12,000 jobs that will give people financial security for the future,” Mr Cameron said.

Mr McMillon said: “A seismic shift in the structure of the retail market is underway – not just in the UK – but right across the world. Asda recognised the change in its market and took early action to develop and implement a strategy that will see it grow – creating more new jobs and bringing real value to more customers in the UK.”

BBC business editor Kamal Ahmed said: “This is the first time Asda has put a jobs number on its five-year strategy, which it announced last November. The jobs are a cautious estimate and could be higher.”

Asda’s five-year strategy announced 40 new conventional superstores, 100 new supermarkets, 150 forecourt shops, 1,000 new click-and-collect points and greater online penetration.