Amazon to create 1,000 new UK jobs

amazon distribution centre

Internet retailer Amazon is to create 1,000 new permanent jobs in the UK at its distribution centres.

The firm said it would add the jobs to its existing 6,000-strong workforce in its distribution and customer service centres “in the coming months”.

“As we see greater demand, we are able to rapidly grow our talented team across the UK,” said Amazon’s director of UK operations, John Tagawa.

Amazon currently has eight UK distribution centres.

The firm said it could not provide a regional breakdown of where the new positions would be created, but they would be across its distribution centres in Doncaster, Dunfermline, Gourock, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Rugeley and Swansea Bay.

Amazon said it had already increased its UK workforce by 2,000 people over the past two years.

The online retailer said it had also made changes to the way its staff worked “for the benefit of its entire workforce”.

The changes made include staff now working four longer days a week of 10 hours per shift and share grants for staff who have worked for the firm for more than a year.

It said permanent staff started on an average of £7.39 per hour, and could earn up to £8.90 per hour after 24 months.