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  • Job Type: Contract
  • Salary: In the region of £16.41 per hour Umbrella PAYE
  • Sector: IT, Local government, Public sector
  • Location: South London
  • Posted: 5 days ago



I am looking for a Senior level IT Analyst specialising in the Mosaic system. The role is concerned with scoping and implementing changes to the system, rather than day to day maintenance. I am in particular looking for a candidate with a proven track record in the finance module of the system, and who has worked with the case management side of it.

The successful candidate will have strong clienting and communication skills, working closely with customers in the Adults, Childrens and Finance departments to define business requirements and translate them into a workable system configuration. An understanding of project management to deliver changes for scope through to implementation is required.

Provide (IT/Systems) technical expertise, coordinate others or work within a team to specify, implement, configure, develop, maintain and support a range of major IT business systems, effectively – and autonomously – managing conflicting priorities and deadlines in a fast-moving, complex technical environment

Work with departments and individual services through liaison with DMTs, Directors, Assistant Directors, Heads of Service and operational managers to understand, specify and advise on functionality, technology and processes relating to a range of major business systems in order to meet their business objectives and requirements.

Work on or manage tasks and large, complex and diverse projects that span a range of technical disciplines and systems to deliver services to a range of business units across the organisation according to corporate and industry standards, including the supervision and management of small temporary project teams.

To perform other duties commensurate with the grade as necessary in order to deliver main duties and responsibilities as laid out below and to support the business needs.


Planning and Organising

  • Plan and manage small-to-medium sized assignments and projects involving a high degree of technical complexity; identify, organise and manage work of others effectively and provide leadership to staff in a project environment, working outside of core hours where necessary.
  • Contribute – on the basis of technical and system knowledge – to the development of longer term IT system architecture plans and/or strategy
  • Evaluate and make decisions on technical options in order to resolve complex technical (IT system) issues and challenges in relation to the council’s major business systems as appropriate, actively contributing to the authority’s technical strategies.
  • Accountable for setting and meeting agreed system performance milestones and targets
  • Prioritise changes in own area to meet stated strategic objectives and changing circumstances and deadlines.
  • Ensure that realistic project, quality, and risk plans are prepared and managed for projects, sub-projects and routine work programmes.
  • Recommend approaches, collate requirements, plan the work, test solutions, set work standards for operational delivery and provide training and support to users.
  • Initiate, chair and document meetings efficiently, ensure agendas and minutes are issued in good time, subjects are comprehensively covered and actions taken.
  • Ensure change control procedures are in use and actively used to assess the effect of changes to projects
  • Develop, review, implement and manage business continuity plans for areas of the council as required

Thinking and Decision Making

  • Provide advanced technical (IT/Systems) expertise and advice across a number of systems and in directing tasks and projects
  • Problem solve technical (IT/Systems) issues, establish root cause analysis and identify and implement innovative improvements and solutions for the Council’s information systems that positively impact on user and customer experience and bridge the complex and diverse needs of the business with the use of IT. Provide out of hours support as necessary.
  • Define, document and successfully complete projects dealing with LEAN, business process re-engineering and IT systems, and advise clients/users as necessary on all phases.
  • Carry out business analysis and recommend creative approaches to complex IT problems.
  • Evaluate new ideas and opportunities objectively and on the basis of technical expertise and experience and provide feedback and recommendations
  • Deal with complex, escalated problems in a timely manner, making decision on best resolutions drawing on industry standards and best practice in the related technical disciplines
  • Develop and propose new or improved operational processes and help to implement
  • Maintain a comprehensive knowledge and awareness of current technologies, best practices and legislation that apply to the authority’s Information Systems and apply this to decisions and forecasts associated with the IT strategy
  • Ensure a systematic and analytical approach to problem solving is adopted across the team
  • Review projects, learn lessons from successes and problems and decide on changes to ensure future success

Commercial Awareness and Management

  • Appreciate the importance of, and work within commercial constraints, maintaining an awareness of market solutions and developments
  • Apply to solution design and system maintenance a thorough understanding of the costs of IT (project and “lifetime”) and calculate the costs of operational IT services, working to minimise these within the Council’s systems architecture
  • Work with a diverse range of service heads to provide complex technical and financial information for business cases and requirements and project specifications, ensuring all resource implications and risks are considered in order to deliver on time and within budget
  • Manage contracts – including regular liaison and negotiation with providers and performance management – for the supply of IT products and services
  • Highlight possible areas for income generation or cost savings
  • Routinely benchmark costs against market rates
  • Contribute to budget setting
  • Assist in negotiating contracts with customers and/or suppliers

Customer, Client and Vendor Relationship and Management

  • Provide high quality highly technical support and advice to a diverse range of businesses prior to and during the implementation of new information and communications technology solutions, dealing tactfully with key stakeholders where requirements are not in alignment with agreed strategic objectives to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Provide advice to business clients across the authority in order to deliver projects that achieve their business objectives in an ever changing technical and business environment
  • Identify influencers and decision makers and actively build and maintain good working relationships with them
  • Maintain an up to date knowledge and understanding of the customer’s (departments, services) structure, policies, operations and requirements – even where these are complex and transient – in order to recommend innovative solutions to enable the authority to achieve its goals
  • Ensure high standards of professional behaviour in dealings with clients, colleagues and staff
  • Taylor service to suit customers’ needs while maintaining industry good practice
  • Represent the department/authority at internal meetings
  • Deal firmly with customers when appropriate without causing unnecessary confrontation

Communication Skills

  • Facilitate the analysis and re-design of complex business processes, and articulate potential changes to business processes clearly, both orally and in writing.
  • Influence colleagues and others to accept major organisational change
  • Work to enhance the reputation of the team and division
  • Expertly present complex, diverse technical issues, processes and solutions both orally and in writing to a wide range of audiences
  • Convince and influence through debate and diplomacy
  • Display good inter-personal skills at all levels of contact and in a wide variety of situations, demonstrating the ability to listen and influence, and to empathise with customers
  • Facilitate discussions surrounding disagreements and negotiate a way forward.
  • Make persuasive presentations internally
  • Debrief and feedback sensitively giving constructive criticism whilst maintaining motivation
  • Support and lead effective communications within the team and wider division


Please note this is a contracted position of 3-6 months with the possibility of extension depending on budgets and performance.

For further information please contact or call 0208 8551632

**Please note as an agency we can only offer an Umbrella PAYE rate for this post **

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