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  • Salary: £12.00
  • Sector: Public sector
  • Location: London
  • Posted: 2 weeks ago


Job Role:

Undertake and assist in investigations carried out by the Major Crime Department and, when required, other departments; taking on key roles within each investigation, researching, gathering and obtaining evidence and intelligence by a variety of means and conducting a range of investigative duties, in order to secure best evidence and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations undertaken by the Department.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Interview witnesses and victims of crime, including Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) interviews with vulnerable witnesses, assisting in regard to suspect interviews, taking high quality, accurate statements for inclusion into case files and undertaking assessment of the veracity of statements and the potential reliability of witnesses in Court in order to ensure evidence is correctly captured and recorded to support investigations.
  • Coordinate and manage the seizure and viewing of CCTV, viewing material, analysing information, and recording elements in comprehensive reports of evidential and intelligence value; coordinate house to house enquiries, instructing officers as required, in order to support investigations and also provide evidence in
    person at court as required.
  • Undertake a range of investigative research through Holmes, PNC, telephony and other relevant systems/ procedures, maintaining accurate records, analysing information, and producing a range of reports, in order to support the investigation of major crime by the department.
  • Support and advise the families of victims of major crime and witnesses of crime, providing information and updates in relation to case progress and the judicial system, in order to ensure that  witnesses and families receive appropriate support and also to assist in progressing investigations.
  • Assist in major crime searches, and act as exhibits officer when appointed, ensuring the integrity of evidence retrieved, recording receipt of exhibits, organising the storage and appropriate security of exhibits, including the handling of hazardous materials and returning items when authorised to do so, in order to ensure the continuity of evidence and the correct recording of physical evidence and property.
  • Build, complete and correctly compile case papers, witness and exhibit lists, undertaking the case disclosure role wherever necessary; give evidence in person at court, in the capacity of a number of roles, in order to ensure that high professional standards and evidential integrity are achieved on each case.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of relevant legislation and force policy, for example criminal law, PACE and CPIA and RIPA, in order to ensure major crime investigations and documentation is of the highest standard and complies with such legislation and policy.

Candidate  Requirements:

  • Gathers, verifies and assesses all appropriate and available information to gain an accurate understanding of situation. Considers a range of possible options before making clear, timely, justifiable decisions. Reviews decisions in the light of new information and changing circumstances. Balances risks, costs and benefits, thinking about the wider impact of decisions. Exercises discretion and applies professional judgement, ensuring actions and decisions are proportionate and in the public interest.
  • Acts with integrity, in line with the values and ethical standards of the Police Service. Takes ownership for resolving problems, demonstrating courage and resilience in dealing with difficult and potentially volatile situations. Acts on own initiative to address issues, showing a strong work ethic and demonstrating extra effort when required. Upholds professional standards, acting honestly and ethically, and challenges unprofessional conduct or discriminatory behaviour. Asks for and acts on feedback, learning from experience and developing own professional skills and knowledge. Remains calm and professional under pressure, defusing conflict and being prepared to step forward and take control when required.


Please note this is a contracted position of 3-6 months with the possibility of extension depending on budgets and performance.

Please send your CV directly to and clearly state the job title. Please call 020 8855 1632 for more information.

**Please note as an agency we can only offer an Umbrella PAYE rate for this post and confirmation of Eligibility to work in the UK will be required before submission**



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