Independent Living Co-ordinator £14.20 – £15.91 per hour
Community Learning Disability Team

Job Purpose:
1. Providing Care Management support by assisting Residents and Carers to carry out Social Care Assessments and to identify their needs and desired outcomes, helping them to formulate a Care Plan / Support Plan and where indicated to use their Personal Budget to set up individually tailored services in order to achieve desired outcomes.

2. To work within a multi-disciplinary Community Care Management Team in close partnership with other professionals to ensure a joined up response and to share care co-ordination responsibilities where appropriate.

3. To carry out all duties within the framework of Putting People First, & Valuing People placing the individual at the centre of all interventions and giving them choice and control over the delivery of services, taking into account their wishes and chosen lifestyle.

4. To provide care management services in accordance with departmental policies with particular reference to those from discriminated against groups: black people and those from other minority ethnic groups, women, older people, with disabilities, lesbians and gay men.

Job Description


1. To provide Care Management support to individuals at all stage of the Self Directed Support care and hospital discharge pathway in a way that promotes and enables independence, choice and control and is proportionate to each person’s individual circumstances

2. To attend and participate in multi-disciplinary ward meetings, Case Reviews, Safeguarding Strategy meetings, Risk Enablement Panels and other similar individual planning meetings as necessary.
3. To mobilise and co-ordinate available resources within the Directorate, those provided by other services, departments, agencies and the wider community and to liaise effectively with community groups, independent and statutory organisations.
4. Support residents and carers through all stages of the Self Directed Support Care and Hospital Pathway :

• Support the individual to complete the Resident/Carer -led Assessment, helping to identify their needs and desired outcomes and to include professional social care input and heath input as required.

• Ensuring that any need for emergency response relating to immediate risks or safeguarding issues is identified at an early stage and an appropriate response is organised.

• Assisting residents and carers to use their Personal Budget to formulate an outcome-focused Support Plan making best use of the PB allocation.

• To follow the agreed process to validate the Support Plan and, where appropriate, to arrange for independent advice and advocacy to be made available.

• Once the Support Plan is agreed and, where an individual does not elect to seek independent support brokerage, to assist the resident in arranging the support and services.

• Following the Policy Framework for Positive Risk taking to identify risks at different stages of the care journey and working with the resident and other key people to manage risks in such a way that enables the individual to continue, wherever possible, with their chosen lifestyle

• To undertake initial and annual reviews ensuring the resident remains central and is enabled to exercise maximum choice and control over their support plan

5. Subject to appropriate training, to undertake Safeguarding work, Mental Capacity assessments and other specialist interventions under the direction of a suitably qualified professional

6. To maintain accurate and full records of interventions and prepare reports as directed by the Senior Social Worker and Team Manager using Information Technology. To participate in Duty Systems multi disciplinary meetings, case conferences, case reviews and emergency planning functions.

7. To encourage feedback from residents and carers and to feed this information into the relevant planning and review systems.

8. To participate in the review and development of policies, practices and service in accordance with changes in legislation and community needs. Keep up to date with resource information for service users, specialist knowledge, policy and practice in relation to the client group

9. To use regular supervision and staff appraisal and participate in staff meetings to ensure an effective service to users and carers and to ensure further professional development. To participate in staff development training, performance review exercises or training appropriate to the role and to keep up to date with research and best practice.
Experience and Qualification
Ability to support individuals to complete a Resident led Assessment, Support Planning, Support Brokerage and Service Provision in a Hospital or Community setting. The ability to support the individual to complete the resident-led assessment and help them prepare and implement individual support plans and to undertake reviews.

An understanding of the benefits of annual appraisals and ability to recognize personal learning and development needs.

A commitment to personal continuing professional development including external opportunities and to keeping up to date with changing social care policy and best practice. Commitment to continual service improvement and to participate in service developments including the role of be a champion of change.

Willing to develop knowledge and understanding of relevant Social Services legislation and how this relates to the statutory role of Social care in relation to the Self Directed Support care pathway, the role of a Care Manager provision of quality services and the Independent Living Agenda.

A commitment to the principles of Putting People First agenda , Valuing People and person Centered Planning ensuring individuals have maximum choice and control, are supported to take risks which enable them to maintain their chosen lifestyle.

A commitment to promoting choice and control through positive risk taking in accordance with departmental policy and procedures under the guidance of a manager where necessary.

Ability to be creative and help individuals in the development of bespoke support packages, including acting as an advocate in order for them to achieve the best outcomes.

An understanding of the importance of performance data and a willingness to contribute to the improvement of practice and systems to enhance team performance, including the use of IT in the collation of data and recording activity.

An ability to work in partnership with service users, carers, service providers, other teams departments and agencies, and particularly with health service colleague in order to effectively co-ordinate interventions.

Ability to be flexible, able to adapt to change and to be team player

An understanding of the needs of discriminated against groups, and the ability to ensure that the Team’s services are appropriately delivered to meet their needs.